Career Advice for Students ( admin posted on July 22nd, 2012 )

If you think that worrying about a career should start after graduating from college, then that’s where you’re wrong. The best time to start planning or choosing your future career is during high school. Students need to get good sound advice on how to get started in a career. It is best to think about choosing a career or getting started in a career earlier so that you will be prepared once you start your real life after college. I’m not saying that you should start applying for jobs fresh out of graduation. Rather, you would be able to successfully begin your job search and then land on the job where you will be most satisfied and rewarded.

For students and new graduates, it is important that you invest well in your experience and skills. What else would there be to highlight on your resume if you didn’t have solid experience in the area you were planning to work? If you want to improve your skills as well as earn valuable hands-on experience, you can do this through an internship. You can make use of your summers by joining internship programs. You can also take other additional classes which will greatly improve your knowledge and skills.

Do your research. Make use of available tools such as the internet, public libraries, the department of labor, and career counselors when deciding what type of job position will match your interests and skills. Research also about the possible companies offering these job positions you are seeking. Know their requirements and see if you can match your skills with their needs effectively.

Don’t forget the power of networking either. Reach out to people and make as many contacts as possible. Don’t be afraid to speak out and get to know some important people working in the field that you are interested in, and ask for their help. You can start making connections as early as possible and these people will most likely lend you a hand, especially if you have proven yourself to be a competent candidate for the job.

Create an online profile of yourself and note down your qualifications. These days, the internet has proven to be a great place to advertise job openings as well as services. Many employers are now searching for potential candidates online and if you don’t have your profile or resume posted on reliable sites, then you have wasted such a good chance to advertise yourself online where hundreds of employers can see your qualifications and contact you immediately.

Getting employed has become difficult for new graduates, especially as an effect of the recent economic down-turn. To make sure that you have a higher chance of landing the job that you want, plan ahead and make sure that you are competent enough to be an ideal candidate for the position which you’re applying for.

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Explaining The Gender Wage Discrepancy Through Science ( admin posted on February 18th, 2012 )

Whether it’s in the corporate arena or down to the rank-and-file section, it seems that male professionals are paid more than their female counterparts. Although gender equality has been widely recognized for a long time now, the wage gap between the sexes persists.

In her news article on this issue, Fiona Macrae of the Daily UK reported that a man’s innate instinct to quickly rise to a challenge could be a factor why male workers earn more than women. Macrae wrote in her column that young boys’ inherent desire to compete and win can become their fuel to perform harder and better in the workplace.

This view stems from a social research conducted by the University of Innsbruck in Austria. The research involved experimentation by challenges on two sets of boys and girls, with the first set containing boys and girls between ages 3 to 8 and the second containing boys and girls 9 to 18 years old. In each case, a reward was given to those who were able to complete the tasks.

After the experiments, the researchers concluded that male participants are happier to participate in the challenges compared to their female co-participants. It is also found that the boys are consistently more competitive as they grow older.

Simply put, a boy’s instinctive competitiveness will manifest itself in the workplace once he becomes a professional. Men tend to go for higher education, thus increasing their capability to earn more. Also, male professionals can easily assert themselves when negotiating salary rates and benefits compared to female workers.

Common sense also dictates that there are certain professions a woman will have a hard time excelling in. Particular jobs such as mining, oil drilling, truck driving, security and law enforcement, carpentry, and plumbing are highly dominated by male workers.

That being said, there is no question about the growing number of women working in men-infested industries and areas of expertise. Science and society do play a role in the continued existence of the Gender Wage Discrepancy. But if you look at the bigger picture, there are indeed occupations where women actually earn more than men. According to a report by Forbes Magazine, women works in the following professions earn significantly more than men:  healthcare, teaching, bartending, baking, and bill and account collecting.

But many experts see the gender wage gap narrowing in the near future due to several factors. Economics Professor Candace Howes of the University of Connecticut sees that the unionization will present women with working opportunities in industries dominated by men. Employment researcher Laurence Shatkin believes that job migration will also be critical in closing the discrepancy. Men moving to female-oriented occupations like healthcare and education and women excelling in male-dominated work areas such as financial management and corporate banking will soon equalize the wages, Shatkin says.

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